notmypresident: (Fuck Trump)
I was chatting with an internet buddy yesterday about the election. He couldn't understand why I was still angry/upset about our government being in the hands of Republicans, and he basically told me to "get over it" and that I should "move on." My first reaction was to say "Fuck you," and move on from our occasional interactions. But then I had a idea that I thought might reach a fellow Gay man. I wrote (in more abbreviated terms than this blog, of course):

What if you were back in school as a freshman and a bully attacked you every single day. And what if this bully not only took away your lunch money every day but told you that it would happen for the next four years? Now imagine telling your parents about this situation and think about how you would feel if your parents told you to simply "get over it."

Well, I'm that freshman and that bully is the Republican party. Republicans have made it clear that they intend to spend every day of Trumps' reign trying to take away my lunch money — I mean my rights. It's a simplification of the situation, true. But I thought it might make more sense to my online buddy if I framed it this way.

Well, it didn't. So I guess I won't be chatting with him anymore.

At least I have Another Hot Guy to soothe my jangled nerves.