notmypresident: (Gort)
I binged-watched "The Expanse" this weekend. The show is a science fiction series set several hundred years from now, after Earth has colonized Mars and begun mining the asteroid belt and outer planets for their resources. Tensions are tight among the three very different cultures, and the discovery of a powerful new bioweapon by one unknown threatens to tip the balance and start an interplanetary war.


I'll be honest and admit that there were only two reasons why I watched the entire first season of "The Expanse": (1) my love of science fiction, and (2) my lust for Wes Catham. Chatham plays a "knuckle dragger" (as one character describes him), the muscle in the group of people thrown together by the show's premise. When I first saw his gorgeous doe-eyed face, I thought "Oh, here's another hot guy who's going to die by the end of the first show." Surprise! While a lot of characters do die by the finale, Chatham (thankfully) survives.

This was one of the things I appreciated about the show, but I can't say that I would recommend it. There's precious little in the way of drama throughout, something that finally drags the show down. I don't know whether that was by design or by accident, but it's a shame. Not only that, but the final show just... ends. No explanations, no set-up for Season Two, it just... ends. It may well take a full year for Amazon Prime to start offering the second season (which hasn't even begun its original airing on the ScyFy network), but I'm not sure if my interest in the show will survive that long.

And now, Another Hot Guy.