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It's been a while since DC unceremoniously canceled the Legion of Super-Heroes book, a title that I've loved since I first started reading about the 30th century team some 50 years ago. The comic book publisher spent much of 2016 refocusing its "New 52" storyline, which had rewritten quite a bit of established storylines. DC seems intent to fuse the best of both the new and old universes, and in that effort there seems to be a glimmer of hope for Legion fans like me.

The character of Saturn Girl made a cameo in "DC Universe Rebirth #1," time displaced into current events and looking for Superman. But it hasn't been until recently that DC has moved the story ahead. Imra is now being held in Arkham Asylum and is apparently unable to use her telepathic powers to secure her release. Now comes the next step in what looks to be the restoration of the Legion to active status.


Yup, that's the Emerald Empress, she of The Fatal Five, appearing in "Justice League versus the Suicide Squad." The Five are long-standing enemies of the Legion, and it appears that the Empress has come to the 21st century to track down Saturn Girl. Why Imra is on the run will undoubtedly be revealed soon, but DC seems to be spreading the storyline over a number of different books — perhaps to give the Legion maximum exposure before relaunching in a book of their own? I dunno.

It's been a mystery to me as to why the Legion has been left out of circulation for so long while other lesser titles have been rebooted, but I guess it doesn't really matter. It looks as if my four-year wait for a new Legion series may finally be coming to an end. LLL!

And now, Another Hot Guy.