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I've talked before about how "Elder Scrolls: Oblivion" and "Elder Scrolls: Skyrim" are my two favorite video games. The massive open world scenarios of each allow for hours on playing time (in my case, hundreds of hours), and the imagery is so wonderful that there's something to appreciate even if you're just heading down a road in distant woods. The software company behind the two games recently released an Xbox One edition of "Skyrim" with enhanced graphics. How could I say no?


Well, "no" is what I should have said. The "new" edition of the game has some slight enhancements, it's true — but with a decided emphasis on "slight." From what I can see, the game routines for generating precipitation and lighting effects have been improved, but that's just about it. Character depictions haven't changed one bit, which leaves the game looking very dated. And to top things off, the new Xbox One release is incredibly buggy. I just hit a snag in the main quest line (!!!) that prevents me from completing that storyline. I doubt that Bethesda will be offering any updates to fix the glitches either.

I only paid $25 for this "enhanced" version, but it's not worth even that. I'll have to be more careful of such blatant money grabs in the future.

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