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I suppose by now everyone has heard or read about Meryl Streep's fabulous speech at the Golden Globes award ceremony last night.

Amazing stuff. But I couldn't help obsessing over the woman sitting next to "The Big Bang Theory" star Simon Helberg at the table directly in front of the stage. If looks could kill, this woman's stare would have sliced, diced, and quartered Ms. Streep in a New York City minute. She pointedly refuses to clap with the others in acknowledging the call out of bad behavior by the president elect.

Prior to the election, I was — unlike the other side — welcoming to anyone who didn't always share my outlook. No longer.

And now, Another Hot Guy.

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I'm not all about the doom and gloom, though there are times when I admit it does seem/feel that way.


There's a meme that's been going around that... well, it's kind of hard to describe. But my entry into the game pretty much shows how you take a situation and then respond to it with a large helping of fabulosity.

Well, hey — *I* thought it was funny.

And now, Another Hot Guy.