notmypresident: (Tranny 911)
One of the best aspects to RuPaul's long uphill battle for success is that the Superstar of the World now gets to help further (both directly and indirectly) the careers of all sorts of little Gay boys and girls. And not just the ones who slap on makeup and tuck their family jewels; the success of "RuPaul's Drag Race" has fueled World of Wonder, the show's production company, and that enables WoW to support other Gay artists.

Jonny McGovern is one of them. A Gay comedian/singer, McGovern has seen his career taken to the next level thanks to WoW. Granted, "next level" doesn't mean that the gravel-voiced artist has hit the big time, but it's really nice to see that he's sustaining a career which might otherwise flounder were it not for WoW. It's all about synergy, of course. McGovern hosts an internet talk show ("Hey, Qween") that supports and promotes WoW clients (mostly drag queens), who in turn support and promote McGovern.

I'm not the biggest McGovern fan. It always feels to me as if he is a lot funnier in his own head than he is in real life. But I like what he's doing, and so I try to support him in my own way (buying a t-shirt ever so often, for example). And I'll always have "Tranny 911" as a highlight. And yes, the spoiled little girl "Tranny 911" is Kate McKinnon.

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