notmypresident: (Thor Raspberry)
One of the best aspects of my self-imposed moratorium on post-election news is that I'm apparently missing all the incessant "Top Stories of 2016." I simply can't remember a worse year than 2016, so why would I want to re-live any part of it? I've even pulled back from local news outlets, which are rerunning news stories they'd already rerun to death back when they originally happened.

To make matters worse, I see nothing worthwhile in this country's immediate future. The Republicans are set to dismantle all of the advancements this country has made over the past 50 years, and there's nothing worthwhile about that. And to those who say "Let's just wait and see," I would suggest that something similar was said at the nascent rise of The National Socialist German Workers' Party. 'Nuff said.

If I have one resolve for the near year, it's to not apologize for my strident hate of this country's impending regime. I realize that this might make for a one-note LJ blog (and I promise to try to juggle the tone), but I think it would be more harmful than good to stay quietly optimistic when I am anything but.

And with that, here's Another Hot Guy.